Making Peace With Your Body I started worrying about my weight by about age ten. I won’t bore you with the details. If you are a woman, you have probably experienced some variation of the body image and eating issues that I had. The anxiety I experienced and coped with through food and weight dynamics lead me to seek therapy in college and afterwards....[ read more ]

Disconnection: A Root Cause of Anxiety and Depression?

[embed][/embed] “I thought there was something wrong with the self, and the solution would come from repairing and aggrandizing the self. I puffed it up. But it turns out- the self isn’t the solution. The only answer lies beyond it”. –Johann Hari, Author of Lost Connections I was twenty-two years old and in a kind of grief state due to...[ read more ]

Working with Difficult Emotions

Working with Difficult Emotions My friend, Tabitha, and I raised our young children together, our families vacationed together, and we relied on each other for support over the years. A few years ago, I had a terrible conflict with Tabitha. She came away from an interaction between us feeling judged and abandoned by me. She expressed her hurt about this...[ read more ]

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